Cliff Docherty is a self-taught, deaf photographer working in both digital and analogue formats and across a wide range of genres. With a particular interest in working with consumer level vintage cameras, his oldest kit dates back to the first world war and as an artist he is always keen to push simple technology to its limits, inspired by the ethos that it forces you to slow right down, to think only about the image, composition and technique. And there's the fun of the challenge of course!  At the same time having cutting edge digital gear is a joy, with high quality optics  allowing the production of timeless, elegant pictures, the experience that analogue brings in slowing down the process bleeds into the digital work by making him thoughtful in his work flow and perhaps more straightforward in his vision than previously. A member of both the Gay Photographers Network and the Royal Photographic Society, his work has been exhibited across London's buzzing arts scene for more than ten years.
LOUDEST WHISPERS 2024: St Pancras Hospital Conference Centre, London (February - May 2024)
BEYOND COLOUR 2: Arbeit Studios, London (January 2024)
BEYOND COLOUR: Dugdale Arts Centre, London (November 2023)
BLACK AND WHITE: London Lighthouse Gallery (July 2023)
LOUDEST WHISPERS (BODY MIND SPIRIT): St Pancras Hospital Conference Centre, London (July 2121)
MEMBERS SPRING EXHIBITION: The Camera Club, London (May/June 2020)
GPN17: Wallis Road Gallery, Hackney Wick, London (July/August 2017)
FLESH: Espacio Gallery, Shoreditch, London (July 2014)
GAYZED: Strand Gallery, London (October 2013)
f20-12: Strand Gallery, London (June 2012)
MORE GUYS HANGING: Strand Gallery, London (June 2011)
THE PEDDER PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION: The Bigger Picture Gallery, Crystal Palace, London (Oct/Nov 2010)

Photo of Cliff Docherty, photographer
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